Intelligent, safe, comfortable, environmental

Germany's exquisite and rigorous manufacturing process is a combination of traditional Chinese aesthetics.
The research and development team of KOYO is designed to make high-quality intelligent environmental protection series and escalator pavement products for domestic and international users

  • Passenger elevator

    extraordinary quality, comfort and safety

    KOYO Elevator combination of German technology, the full integration of highly integrated computer intelligent control system, 32-bit low-power microprocessor control, runs through high efficiency, high-quality design, high-end configuration, high performance, and powerful.

    KOYO  passenger elevator have the car displacement absolute control concept, to achieve a perfect match for digital VVVF inverter drive and permanent magnet synchronous (PM) gearless technology. Plus distinctive car decoration program, human interface, the new design concept, the interior of the elevator and the appearance of fine luxury, elegant, stylish and elegant, harmonious integration of different architectural styles, more safe and comfortable ride .

  • Freight elevator

    rock-solid, long lasting

    KOYO freight elevator rugged, smooth and reliable operation, called a vertical run in building armored vehicles for your valuable goods to provide safe mode of transport.

    KOYO lifts, innovatively VVVF drive control technology, and door position control technology to manufacturing freight elevators, with similar products unparalleled control accuracy, greatly improving the smoothness of freight elevators and reliability. Freight elevators used in the manufacture of steel seamless technology to enhance the overall strength, rigidity and aesthetics of the car.

    KOYO is unique in the same brand ,it is used in factories, restaurants, shopping malls, meet the different needs of customers.

  • Medical elevator

    race against time, considerate

    KOYO Hospital elevator full account of the special nature of their application environments and purposes, into smart, efficient, high-precision control design, specifically tailored for hospitals, modern medical centers, nursing homes, care homes and other medical institutions.

  • Sightseeing elevator

    Exquisite and beautiful design, lifting your life

    KOYO panoramic elevators focus on the modern architecture design with permeability. The surrounding environment becomes the building structural component. They shuttle in the light and air and increases smart experience of visual mobile. They are the perfect combination of ride comfort and visual beauty.

    KOYO panoramic elevator adopts hyperspace thinking of innovative technologies. KOYO can design and produce a variety of styles with four side sightseeing car. Their structure is very firm, novel and beautiful. When taking these lifts, the passengers not only watch the charming scenery around the buildings, taste sweet and comfortable life, but also realize your dream during shuttling in the brilliant and lustrous sky.

    Excellence and multiple design style, is not only suitable for large shopping malls, shopping centers, exhibition halls, hotels, restaurants and other occasions, but also adding a bright color for office building, reflecting its unique style.

  • Home elevator

    tasting greatness, showing humanity

    Villa elevator has various designs, each of which could provide the convenience for the guests lives. At the same time, it also becomes a distinguished symbol for honors, and shows the art of humanity in the building.

  • escalator

    elegant & quiet, comfortable & safety

     KOYO escalator has reliable safety and advance technology, which makes KOYO can keep promise of taking responsible for users and providing comfortable short stay for the passengers under the noisy weary way.

  • Automatic walkway

    charming scenery

    KOYO passenger conveyors (0 degree to 12 degree) have many optional types and specifications to meet different customer’s needs. Which are widely used for lots of shopping malls, railway stations, docks, terminal buildings, shopping centers, recreation centers, exhibition halls and other public places. It can not only provide passengers with bright, comfortable new feelings, but also add beautiful flowing landscape to the constructions so let customer appreciate charisma and luxurious of modern architecture.

  • Parking system

    Limited Region, Infinite Space

    KOYO Parking system belongs to lifting cross-sliding type parking equipment. Lifting drive system contains four points suspension steel wire rope, which is stable and reliable. It has anti-falling device to avoid falling accident. At the same time, photoelectric automatic safety inspection and manual emergency stop function are also equipped. On one hand, it can control vehicle specifications and park location, on the other hand, can prevent personnel misguiding.

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