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  • The call center

    Serve client as leader in the market

    24 hours whole day, 110 countries all over the world, KOYO client service center staff will serve you within 24 hours.

    We are focusing on the excellent hot line service to all the client signed maintenance and repair contract with KOYO. We also provide same quality and sincere service to all the elevators no matter it is KOYO product or not. We arrange the technicians to the site in time and track the result to ensure the client satisfied.

    24 hour Hotline
    400 8877 995

  • Traditional service

    To satisfy client’s different requirement, KOYO’s traditional maintenance service have many options:

    Regular maintenance: Twice per week for elevator; One time every two weeks for escalator, periodically carry out KOYO’s maintenance way.

    Appointed maintenance: Besides the regular maintenance item, arrange special man to be on duty for whole day.

    Intermediate maintenance: Besides regular maintenance item, replace partial parts but without charge.

    Full maintenance: in addition to finish the normal maintenance ,except the rope, cable ,car, if want to replace other spare parts no need extra charge ,also for escalators, except the handrail ,steps ,drive chains and step chains, if want to replace other spare parts no need extra charge.

  • Repair and Maintenance

    KOYO maintenance team promise that your escalator will work in a safe and comfortable environment every day , for each elevator ,we will draw up a maintenance plan, combined with the national standard and the KOYO philosophy of professional, efficient, honest, enthusiastic service idea and provide upgrade for your escalator. As the most loyal customers partners, with continuous efforts, KOYO dedicated to provide you professional services anytime and anywhere,give you the best care for your escalators

  • value-added service

    Remote surveillance system of elevator is consisted of site data collection, analysis system and “remote surveillance and management system” of maintenance center.

    It’s prior options of community. The main function as following:

    The computer of maintenance center have real-time surveillance function. 

    Data collector can logically analyze to the signal, automatically alarming and error warning.

    Client’s maintenance and error information management.

    Remote intercom

    VIP surveillance service

    When large meetings hold in the building or VIP visit, you can advise KOYO by literary, we will check and confirm to the safety running and arrange special person to supervise during the activity. 

    Annual inspection 

    Approved by involved department, KOYO can calibrate the speed governor and release the qualified certificate so as to reduce the stoppage time. 

  • Spare parts

    KOYO will make continuous effort to solve your trouble: Make your building more safe, reliable and smart.

    Spare parts center:

    We store and provide various spare parts for KOYO products installed all over China. The spare parts are stored in center warehouse and stored places all over China in order to get quick response to client’s requirement.

    Quality COMMITMENT:

    All the spare parts we provided are original with safety and reliable, also certified by quality guarantee system. We focus on your interest; continuously improve service with the global technology as back force. Our aim is making you use the equipment more profitably